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About us

Risk Innovation Fellows, Scholars and Entrepreneurs

The Risk Innovation Lab is a community of faculty, staff and students with diverse interests and expertise, tied together by a common interest in improving our world through innovative approaches to understanding and acting on risk.  Together, they support and vibrant and growing portfolio of projects that cut across conventional areas of expertise to provide new knowledge, insights and tools on risk.

Risk Innovation Fellows, Scholars and Entrepreneurs benefit from being part of a larger community that is thinking and acting differently on risk. The community represents opportunities for stimulating new ideas, developing innovative collaborations, identifying new opportunities, and promoting research, educational and practice/outreach activities.

Risk Fellows

Risk Fellows are faculty and staff who are actively engaged in research, education and practice that draws on risk innovation as a way of thinking and addressing challenges.

Risk Scholars

Risk Scholars are students who are actively engaged in studying, researching and practicing risk innovation.  They include graduate students in masters-level and PhD programs.

Risk Entrepreneurs

Risk Entrepreneurs are faculty, staff and students who are developing and applying highly creative and innovative approaches to risk, and are actively engaging with stakeholders in public and private organizations, as well as publics more generally.

If you are an ASU member of faculty, staff member, or student, and are interested in becoming a Risk Innovation Fellow, Scholar or Entrepreneur, please contact Andrew Maynard at