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Project Title

One line description

Download the project template as a Word document

Hero image – 1200 pixels wide by 600 pixels high. Include the project title, and a one line description. Set the page template to Full Width

(Example: Ingredient Safety)

Sentence summarizing the project and its relevance – no more than 20 – 30 words


A very short and clear statement of the opportunity (or need/challenge) addressed by the project – no more than 40 – 50 words


A clear, concise description of the project. No more than 40 – 50 words


Very clear project goals – what you intend to achieve. No more than 40 – 50 words


(Add image or video – something related to the project)

A more detailed description of the project – keep it to less than 100 words or so


Information on where funding comes from. IMPORTANT – if necessary, make the relationship between the project and the RIL clear, especially of it is mainly funded through another center etc. Can include a very short statement on what further funding would enable


Informatuion on the people/team working on the project.


Email: [email]

Related Projects

(Three projects that are related to or have some connection with or relevance to this one)

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Governance of Emerging Technologies

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Further Information

Any other information that may be of interest. For instance:

  • A detailed project description
  • Partner and partner institution details
  • Outputs and outcomes (e.g. papers etc.)
  • Media articles, and citations
  • Etc.