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Edge of Innovation

Risks and opportunities at the interface between innovation and society

Bringing expert insights on challenges and opportunities at the interface between technology innovation and society, to a broad audience


Emerging technologies – and convergence between technologies – are impacting more and more people. Yet few public commentators are providing insights on emerging technology trends from the perspective of social impact. There is both an opportunity and a need for highly accessible and expert commentary on emerging challenges and opportunities, if emerging technologies are to be developed responsibly.


A regular column for the news and commentary website The Conversation, written by Andrew Maynard. The Edge of Innovation column provides expert insights into emerging societal issues around technology innovation. The Conversation articles are syndicated by a number of high impact media outlets, enabling articles to have considerable reach and visibility.


Accessible, engaging and relevant information on emerging issues at the interface between technology innovation and society.

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Emerging technologies – and the synergies between them – are leading to highly novel risks and opportunities; especially where they impact directly on society. If citizens are to be informed consumers of new technologies, they need accessible information on emerging issues. Likewise, entrepreneurs, developers and businesses need understandable and relevant information on emerging challenges, and ways of addressing them. The Edge of Innovation column provides expert insights on emerging issues at the interface of innovation and society that are highly accessible to readers. By publishing on The Conversation, there is the potential for articles to reach a very wide audience through syndication – in some cases, upward of 100,000 readers.


The Edge of Innovation is currently supported through general Risk Innovation Lab funds.


Author: Andrew Maynard


Andrew Maynard
Director, Risk Innovation Lab
Professor, School for the Future of Innovation in Society

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