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Online resources and casual learners

Andrew Maynard has a new article in Nature Nanotechnology on using the internet to provide casual learners with science education resources, as part of his regular Responsible Nanotechnology slot:

Is nanotech failing casual learners?

Andrew D. Maynard
Nature Nanotechnology 11, 734–735 (2016) doi:10.1038/nnano.2016.167
(Link to article)

… there are indications that increasing numbers of casual learners are turning to online educational resources. As of February 2014, the Khan Academy — a ground-breaking initiative in user-directed learning — was attracting around 10 million unique users per month. And at the time of writing, the TED Talks YouTube channel had received over half a billion views, and the educational YouTube channel Crash Course had received nearly as many (as well as having over 4.5 million subscribers).

These numbers are impressive, and they suggest that large numbers of casual learners are actively seeking out online educational material. Yet none of the websites above have substantial nanotechnology content.

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