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Wearable Device Validation

Clinical Studies in Real World Settings

Clinical Validation studies of novel and commercially available wearable health monitors


There is an ever-growing market for wearable health monitors. However, we frequently know little about the validity and reliability of these monitors outside the laboratory.


In this study, we conduct observational clinical studies to assess the performance and impact of wearable health monitors in real world settings.


To determine the utility and reliability of wearable devices in a variety of settings, including normal daily living and exercise including collegiate athletics.

Provide interdisciplinary internship opportunities for students in health and engineering professions.

Past and ongoing studies have been done with three commercial devices, Jawbone Up 3 Activity Tracker, AliveCore Heart Rhythm Monitor and FITGuard force sensing mouth guard. The current project, working with the Labelle Lab on a novel multi-sensor heart monitor is an ongoing project for the study.


Funded by Project Honeybee in ASU Bio Design Institute Pathfinder Center.


Heather Ross, Clinical Assistant Professor, School for the Future of Innovation in Society

Jeff Labelle, Assistant Professor, School of Biological & Health Systems Engineering, SBHSE Fulton School of Engineering

ASU Athletics


Heather Ross

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