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Science Showcase

YouTube videos, made by scientists,
for curious-minded people

A YouTube channel that connects researchers who create science communication videos with people who watch them


Despite YouTube being one of the primary go-to sites for people to learn about science, remarkably few researchers use the platform effectively to communicate about their work.

As there is an increasing demand for quality science video content online, there is a need for a new type of science communication platform – Science Showcase is designed to meet this need.


Science Showcase is a YouTube channel designed to connect the best science communication videos from researchers, with people looking for great science content.

We solicit and evaluate science communication videos from researchers (including citizen scientists) , and then post and promote the best of them.


Encouraging and enabling researchers to communicate their work through short, smart,engaging, accurate, watchable, and above all, authentic, videos.

Building a catalogue of awesome YouTube science videos that are made by scientists for anyone curious to find out more about what they know and do.

Science Showcase was created to fill a demand for a platform where researchers could submit and publish science communication videos and reach a wide audience. It was also conceived in direct response to the need for more and higher quality science content on YouTube – driven by a large number of viewers looking for such content

There’s also a larger risk-related purpose behind the channel, and that’s to increase the quantity and quality of accessible science content on YouTube that informs evidence-based discussions and decisions.


Science Showcase is currently looking for funding in order to scale up.


Science Showcase was conceived by and is currently managed by Andrew Maynard


Andrew Maynard
Director, Risk Innovation Lab

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Tutorials: Video Techniques for Effective Science Communication.