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Risk Innovation Accelerator

Using risk innovation to accelerate entrepreneurial success

Developing risk innovation-based tools and resources to uniquely enrich and enhance entrepreneurship, innovation, and enterprise success


In today’s increasingly complex and interconnected world, entrepreneurs face an array of hurdles that lie between visualizing and actualizing success. Enter the Risk Innovation Accelerator.


The Risk Innovation Accelerator is developing a suite of tools to help entrepreneurs identify and successfully navigate the often-hidden risks that can slow or stifle success.


The Risk Innovation Accelerator aims to accelerate successful entrepreneurship, within ASU and beyond, through thinking and acting differently on risk.

The Risk Innovation Accelerator (RIA) captures the idea of accelerating successful entrepreneurship and innovation through the ideas and concepts embedded in risk innovation. RIA was conceived as a way of augmenting existing approaches to entrepreneurship and innovation to increase success rates and positive impact. The project is developing a suite of Risk Innovation tools that can be adapted by entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial ventures to identify and navigate a wide array of novel risks that they potentially face throughout the process of becoming established and sustainable.


The Risk Innovation Accelerator is supported through seed funding from ASU Entrepreneurship and Innovation. As the concepts and tools that are being developed are tested and validated, the expectation is that additional funds from other sources will be secured to further expand the project.


Andrew Maynard — Project Director Marissa Scragg — Program Manager Shivam Zaveri — Research Assistant Diana Bowman, Lauren Keeler, and Ji Mi Choi – Project Advisors


Marissa Scragg Email: Andrew Maynard Email:

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Startup Survey

Are you an entrepreneur or working for a small business? We’d love to hear from you about how you plan for “blindsiding” risks. Please take a few minutes to complete this short survey to help us out!


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