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The Risk Innovation Lab

The Arizona State University Risk Innovation Lab provides a unique transdisciplinary environment where creativity, collaboration, education, engagement and scholarship, come together to transform how we see, think, and act on risk within society.

Risk Innovation

Risk innovation is an organizing framework for generating new knowledge, understanding, or capabilities with respect to risk, and translating these into products, tools, or practices that protect societal, environmental, economic, and other value, as well as enabling value creation and growth.


Risk Innovation encourages and explores new ways of seeing the world by connecting diverse and often seemingly-disparate ideas, experiences and perspectives. Drawing on the arts, humanities, sciences, and other areas, it opens the door to serendipitous discovery.


Risk Innovation helps develop new and creative perspectives on risk that reveal novel insights into seemingly intractable problems. Drawing on transdisciplinary expertise and perspectives, it turns personal and societal risk “mental models” on their head, and helps understand old and emerging challenges in a new light.


Risk Innovation actively seeks to connect new ways of seeing and thinking about risk to novel actions that protect value, reduce value deficits, and potentially lead to the creation and growth of value. These actions may span a multitude of modes and domains, from working with and through literature and the visual and performing arts, to establishing innovative business practices, novel policy and regulation, and new approaches to evidence-based risk analysis.

What we do

We work at the boundaries between multiple domains and constituencies to explore and apply innovative approaches to understanding and addressing risk:


Understanding and addressing risk challenges at the intersection between emerging technologies and society, from nanotechnology and synthetic biology, to autonomous vehicles, drones, artificial intelligence and beyond.


Mapping out an evolving and increasingly complex risk landscape through creative exploration of plausible futures, and developing novel ways of navigating this landscape toward responsible innovation.


Exploring innovative approaches to improving the health and well-being of individuals and communities through novel insights on risks and benefits.


Enabling and empowering users of products and technologies to make informed decisions -on risks, benefits and tradeoffs


Creating the means for effective engagement between constituencies and stakeholders in reducing risk and increasing value.


Studying and developing innovative approaches to reducing risk through effective policy and governance.